It's a pity that till now, I have no comments from this website visitors, and honestly speaking don't know if continue with this or not.

And what kind of contest is more desired: photos or routes descriptions or some kind of blog.

Anyway, today I'm presenting some photos from last weekend (04.09.2016), hope You will like it. It is small village in southern Poland - Borki Wielkie (opolskie district), around 25 km from my hometown.

By the way, I tried to send these photos to some photo contest, and see it make no sense. We are inundated with spam. Internet becomes more and more refuse dump operating on a slot machines. I realize that I made many mistakes in English, but damn, I'm a human, waiting for response from real people, not machines.


Hi my Dear Visitors,

Last holiday - 2015 I traveled on Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland (partially ) by bike. I would say it doesn't match my mountain website contents, but some issues and photos seem to be worth of publishing. That's why I added new menu category: Europe by bike. Slowly will try to enter new photos and articles. At the beginning photos from Belarus. We didn't a ride on the bike all the time across mentioned countries, because holiday are too short :( . Anyway, within 14 days we made 1300 km riding (the rest of distance we went by train).

As usual I invite you to actively comment.



Dear Visitors,

I see I have average a few hundred entries on this site. The day before "lucky day" - Friday 13th, I would like to ask You my dear visitors to leave some comments - do You like this site, would You like to see more articles about mountains and so on. This would help me to improve this site and give some kind of power :). By the way, last days I added two mountains ranges: Rodna in Romania and Mala Fatra in Slovakia.

Best regards,


Dear Visitors,

I'm going to describe my mountain trips on this website. I have only been in mountains in Europe, so the name of site is European Mountains. I'm also going to write some kind of blog. I come from small town in the south of Poland. Really like the mountains hiking, as well as working with computer and making websites. That's why I decided to create this one.

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