Pirin is the second highest mountain chain (firs is Rila) of the Balkan Peninsula, located in the west - southern part of Bulgaria, south of Rila. Pirin and Riła are separated by Rozłożka hollow and Predeł pass. Generally, in contrast to the Rila, Pirin mountains are more rocky and sharp, but the climate is milder. You can feel here the clear influence of Mediterranean air masses (by the way, if you have a car, from Bansko to Kavala - the Greek port which is situated by the Aegean Sea, is approximately 160 km) - especially in the towns such as Bansko, Sandanski, Melnik. Of course, You must remember that in the high parts of the peak - just like in the mountains - you have to be prepared for all circumstances. The symbol of the Pirin is an edelweiss (being under the protection).

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