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1st day

1. Berehy Górne - Połonina Wetlińska - Pass Orłowicza - Smerek - Pass Orłowicza-
                                                                                                                                       duration : approx. 5.30 hours (to and fro);
difficulty: easy (in the summer)
   The route starts in Berehy Górne, where You have to buy entry ticket to the Bieszczadzkiego National Park. Our route is marked red horizontal signs.We hike 1,30 hour up, mainly through the forest, to the small mountain hostel called "Chatka Puchatka (translation: Teddy bear Chalet)" - You can drink and eat here (own food as well). From this moment, we hike on the ridge (red signed route).From Chatka Puchatka to Orłowicza pass is approx. 1,30 hour. From the pass it is worth hiking on top of the Smerek - 20 minutes, and walk back on the pass. From Orłowicza pass we hike to Wetlina - yellow signed route - time from maps is 1 hour, but in practise it takes about 1,30 hour.

2nd day

2. Wołosate - Bukowska Pass - Rozsypaniec - Halicz - Sidło Pass - Tarnica - Sidło Pass - Wołosate                                                                                duration : approx. 6.30 hour (to and fro; without approach to Wołosate) ;  difficulty: medium, because the route is long and there are any hostels and streams ( You have to take water with Yourself)We begin the route from the red signs marked pathway  (along the natural path "Rozsypaniec" ),  we hike  approx. 2 hours to the Bukowska pass. This part of our route leads through the forest and softly climbs up. From Bukowska Pass, having the favourable transparency of the air, it is possible to see the highest top of whole Bieszczady chain - Pikuj - 1408 meters (being placed in Ukraine). From the pass we still following red marked route to Halicz - about 1 hour. From Halicz to Siodło pass is approx. 1,15 hour. Climbing on Tarnica is easy and takes about 20 minutes from Siodło Pass (yellow marked route ). We hike back blue marked route from the Siodło Pass approx. 1,15 hour to Wołosate village.