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1st day

1. On top Buteanu through Saua Caprei (Caprei Pass)                                                                                                                    duration : approx. 6 hours ( to and fro ); difficulty: medium   The start of our route is near the hotel called Cabana Balea Lac.I don't write route marks, because lots of them intersects each other. You just have to hike up to the Saua Caprei (Caprei Pass-marked in attached photo) - about 1,15 hour. From the pass to the top of Buteanu You have to hike blue cross marked route ( approx. 2 hours ). Return the same route, or from lake Lac Capra You can hike ahead  blue cross marked route to the asphalt road ( on the road turn right ). The secon variant gives You unique opportunity to go through tunnel leading the inside of mountains (approx. 1,5 km).

2nd day

2. Balea Lac - Vf. Paltinu - Vf. Iezerului - Saua Capra (Capra Pass)- Balea Lac                                                                                duration : approx. 5 hours ( to and fro ); difficulty: medium ( dificult if You hike with full equipment in the direct of Negoiu top ). The route leading  from Vf. Paltinu in the direct of Negoiu.  However,  Negoiu attainment and return
 on Balea Lac in the same day is impossible.