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Today (05.2017) I would like to show my experiences with internet advices. Below are the photos. Parsley grew out of the seeds, which I bought in supermarket. It is useless, has no nice smell, no taste even doesn't look nice :( . Second vegetable onion. I saw in the internet such advice, there were a pictures with beautiful chives. And my onion has been planted two months ago, and what ? absolutely nothing ...

Pawełki is a small village on the South of Poland. To get here You would have to take a direction to bigger town - Lubliniec, after town Kochcice and then ask.

Around 5 kilometers from village there is a wonderful place in the forest - a big area with rhododendrons. From my hometown it's around 40 kilometers so not so far to go there and back by bike in one day. In June when flowers are blooming - it's magic.

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